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"I started working with Cassandra just under a year ago at a time in my life where I was facing many struggles. I had gained quite a bit of weight, was not happy in my life, and was feeling stuck in a tremendous rut. With Cassandra’s coaching help, I was able to transform my life and start making the changes I needed. I began eating healthier, exercising consistently, and losing weight. In addition, I am now launching a business that I had only dreamed about and Cassandra has been a tremendous help with this endeavor. Through all of this she was a motivator, educator, and wonderful sounding board."


"I first worked with Cassandra to help me with tightness and flexibility issues. She helped by making adjustments to my workout techniques, posture & diet, and taught me about things I didn’t even know existed – like fascial stretching. Her knowledge of how the body works as a whole is incredible. Her style of coaching shows you not only how to do something, but also provides the understanding of why it works for your body specifically. When I learned that she was doing lifestyle coaching, I knew she’d bring that same genuine passion for conveying knowledge to even more aspects of my life. Cassandra helps you on the path to figuring out what wants and needs you have for yourself in all aspects of your life from physical fitness, to nutrition, to mental health and happiness. She also helps you to identify your personal stumbling blocks and how to overcome them. You learn to change your bad habits into good ones and to do it because you want to, not because you have to. Along with her knowledge and dedication, she brings an infectious exuberance to working with you on this journey. You can’t help but be inspired and motivated to go after your dreams and live a more healthy lifestyle. It’s an honest journey that opens your eyes to all the things that hold you back, but more importantly to all the things you crave for personal fulfillment. Cassandra gives you all the information and tools to help you along that path. I’m grateful to work with Cassandra and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to figure out how to get over some limitations, continue to improve your strengths and get on the road to your most healthy & happy lifestyle. I know I’m a better me from having worked with her."


"I came to Cassandra after a 3-year battle with my health. The treatments were successful but the drugs left my gut pillaged. My diet was wholesome and healthy yet, progressively, I began having digestive problems. First dairy, then wheat, then just about any fruit and vegetable. Everything disagreed with me. I couldn’t enjoy dining out and my activities became limited. Cassandra quickly identified the problem, confirmed with laboratory testing, and we began the healing journey. I started feeling relief with the first week! Throughout the process she has always been available to answer my numerous questions, providing support and explanations to help me adapt to the changes I needed to make, always attentively listening to my frustrations, always in a positive and understanding manner. Follow-up meetings have been conveniently arranged as teleconferences saving travel time. My gut is healing and I’m looking forward to enjoying all my favourite foods again."


"When I first started body reboot it was a bit of a joke. Mostly just to support my friends who really wanted to try and increase their energy levels. I had no idea what a fire and passion would be ignited! My first impression of Cassandra was WOW. I was especially taken with her surname. HOPE. How perfect. The definition is “expectation and desire combined” and I truly am grateful for Cassandra’s ability to take an emotion/desire and make it a REALITY. There is no room for failure. Her conviction in a healthy existence rings through in her ever cheerful, optimistic words. Her talent for getting one through the toughest challenges is remarkable. Never a negative thought or word. It is TRULY INFECTIOUS. Having My Thyroid removed 3 years ago due to cancer had left me depressed, 70lbs heavier, and honestly hopeless. I was struggling to find energy and pleasure in all the wrong places. 12 cups of coffee /day no real food and a nightly routine of bingeing on all the convenient foods. I had put up the white flag. I was destined to be fat. My poor babies. Being the mother of four young children I was soldiering through unhappy and lifeless. A terrible example for everyone around me. A true victim. But what could I do? I had cancer right? I have no thyroid right? I have no metabolism right? I couldn’t have been more wrong… In 4 months of some seriously good times I have developed a strength I never knew existed. Cassandra has guided me to a 40 lb weightloss and counting, by coaching me with exercise, and for the first time ever, a diet that involves actually eating real food that is less effort than I ever would have expected. The journey has been and continues to be exciting and totally educating. I used the word infectious and it totally is. The stuff I have learned has had such a ripple effect spreading to my immediate and extended family and friends. I have become an inspiration to many people. I am especially grateful to Cassandra for her nurturing unlimited support which has her even helping me with an obesity issue with my children. Her generous spirit is truly a pleasure to behold. My kids finally have the mom they deserve and one that has been armed with the knowledge to get them through the rest of their lives healthy and energetic! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough…"


"I am a triathlete and compete in Ironman distance. This year, I have my eye on a qualifying time for Ironman Kona! After a bike crash in a road race last year, I sustained some pretty serious injuries including a broken collarbone that needed surgery. Four months later, I was finally able to train only to find I had some developed some pretty substantial muscle imbalances. As I began training, these imbalances quickly evolved into injuries. I work with an amazing sports therapist but it was clear that physiotherapy alone was not going to address this problem, at least not at a rate that would allow me to race competitively in this season – I also needed a strength coach; someone who could really understand the mechanics of the sport demand I put on my body! Cassandra did an assessment that was so easy to understand and saw where my improvement needed to happen. Not only is the assessment thorough but her communication, visual aids and explanations gave me extreme confidence. After starting to train with her, within a few weeks I started to see improvements. Weight training used to be my least favorite part and I actually used to skip sessions. She has not only shown up with a training program but has armed me with tools and knowledge that have become an invaluable add on to my training and life – and even managed to make it fun! Cassandra has become a valuable part of my team and a great morale support. This lady knows her stuff but she also is always fun and interesting to work with. Thank you Cass!"


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