Amazing clients with amazing stories.


"Working with Cassandra was absolutely life changing. She not only guided me in all the right directions, but her drive and enthusiasm for health made me so much more excited and motivated to feel better again."

Sarah P

"I've had a number of personal trainers over the last 10 years but Cassandra has been far and away the best I have experienced. The workouts are tough and challenging but also varied enough to maintain my interest. I highly recommend Cassandra for someone who is serious about their fitness and health."

Steve B
Personal Training Client

"I've had the pleasure of working with Cassandra and couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and recommendation. Right when I met her I knew she'd be the right fit. Cassandra continues to inspire me everyday by helping me reach my goals that I didn't think I could achieve. I can honestly say she's the best and there's nobody like her!"

- Elana L
Nutrition Coaching Client

"Cassandra gives you all the information and tools to help you along your path. I'm grateful to work with Cassandra and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to figure out how to get over some limitations, continue to improve strengths, and get on the road to your most healthy and happy lifestyle."

Kevin F
Personal Training Client

"I started working with Cassandra just under a year ago at a time in my life where I was facing many struggles. I had gained quite a bit of weight, was not happy in my life, and was feeling stuck in a tremendous rut. With Cassandra’s coaching help, I was able to transform my life and start making the changes I needed. I began eating healthier, exercising consistently, and losing weight. In addition, I am now launching a business that I had only dreamed about and Cassandra has been a tremendous help with this endeavor. Through all of this she was a motivator, educator, and wonderful sounding board."

Leanne T
Life Coaching Client

"I came to Cassandra after a 3-year battle with my health. The treatments were successful but the drugs left my gut pillaged. My diet was wholesome and healthy yet, progressively, I began having digestive problems. Everything disagreed with me and my activities became limited. Cassandra quickly identified the problem, confirmed with laboratory testing, and we began the healing journey. I started feeling relief with the first week! My gut is healing and I’m looking forward to enjoying all my favourite foods again."

Dana G
Nutrition Coaching Client


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