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This comprehensive genetic panel provides an in-depth look into sex-hormone metabolism and methylation, in addition to the 45-gene health panel.

Who benefits from this test:

  • Low energy, poor recovery from exercise, chronic digestive complaints, sign of poor detoxification (constipation, sensitivity to smells, chronic headaches), mood imbalances.
  • Women with hormonal imbalances (obesity, PCOS, glucose imbalance), PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, family history of hormonal cancers (breast and ovarian).

Whats included: With DNA testing you can find out specific genetic information that impacts metabolic function. 

  1. Nutritional Needs; Risk for nutrient deficiencies. What health products do you need. Do you need Vitamin A, B12, D, folic acid, or iron?
  2. Dietary Choices; Are you lactose intolerant. Should you go gluten free. What is your caffeine tolerance
  3. Eating Habits; Are you satisfied after eating. How to curb your tendency to snack. Mitigate unhealthy eating habits
  4. Exercise Regime; Weight resistant or endurance training? Are you prone to inflammation and poor recovery. How well do you repair (methylation). Do you have an increased risk for tendon injury
  5. Personalized Weight Loss; What type of diet is best for weight loss. More or less protein, fat or carbohydrates. Is intermittent fasting helpful or harmful
  6. Disease Prevention; What is your risk for high blood pressure. Is insulin resistance leading to weight gain? Increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
  7. Factors that impact hormonal imbalance; Tendency for high/low estrogen. How estrogen is metabolized (tendency towards harmful vs protective forms of estrogen). Detoxification of estrogen and steroid hormones and antioxidation capacity to protect DNA and cells from harmful free radicals.

How is this information used?

Your genes do not change, however, by knowing specifics about your genetic blueprint you can make environmental changes to impact the expression and consequence these genes have on your health. Identify which diet, foods, nutrients, health products, and exercise regimes that are individualized to you.

Use this information with your holistic nutritionist, health care provider and doctor with your health history to help identify the cause of symptoms, inform follow up testing, coordinate appropriate treatment and prevent chronic diseases that you may be prone to.

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Fit Genes - 45 + Hormone Panel $649.00 CAD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $649.00 CAD