From helping myself, to helping others.

I literally live, breathe and love health and wellness. It’s been a part of my constitution since I can remember and I feel so incredibly lucky to do what I adore every single day.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Certified Life Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer, based out of Leslieville, Toronto. I'm also the founder of The IBS Academy & the founder of Healthstyle by Cassandra Hope, an award-winning entrepreneur ( 2015 entrepreneur of the year).

Canadian media was picking up what I was putting down so I’ve been fortunate to have been featured on The Marilyn Denis Show, The Social and ETalk as a guest expert where I shared my passion and knowledge about fitness, wellness and all things healthy and good!

I haven't always been happy and healthy.

It’s important for you to know that I haven’t always been a passionate, happy and healthy person. My dedication to my clients and my passion to help stems from my own battle with disease, depression and anxiety, physical injury as well as overcoming an eating disorder.

Although I may have ended up as an RHN and personal trainer etc. no matter what, I’m grateful that I had such an array of physical and mental challenges over the years because I can identify with my clients and have empathy for wherever they may be.

I know from experience that healing comes from addressing all areas of life; the physical, mental and emotional. My dedication in life is to help clients create a plan that will lead them to achieve true wellness.

My journey to becoming a coach stemmed from the same place many a coaches’ and healers’ does. Pain. From living through a traumatic childhood of mental, emotional and physical abuse, as well as body dysmorphia during 3 years as a fitness competitor, I developed beliefs about myself that led to debilitating digestive issues, depression and addiction, abusive relationships as an adult woman, and a terrible relationship with food.

I know first-hand the mind-body connection when it comes to pain and disease in life. Though, my resilient and loving spirit never let me give up on the possibility of healing. I realized around the age of 28 that healing was possible and that I needed to ask for help in order to climb out of my downward spiral.

I believe in science AND the human spirit. Without utilizing and tapping into both I believe it can be difficult to truly overcome our hurdles. I equally use science in my personal training, life coaching and nutrition programs yet also believe that without positivity, and a fiercely committed human spirit, we can often just spin our wheels. Science and spirit go hand in hand.



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